A new vision for the middle mile

Legacy logistics is keeping the supply chain at an innovative standstill.

Not only is the technology not evolving quickly enough to meet consumer needs, but the system pits carriers against shippers and is riddled with mismatched and competing incentives. At CloudSort, we believe the future of logistics won’t favor one player over another. We are inventing a new model for the middle mile, driving efficiency, flexibility, and scalability through a trusted network that breaks the stalemate and delivers results—for everyone.

Our Values

Imagine better.

CloudSort is rooted in the belief that there’s always a better way. Instead of iterating on the status quo, we chose to pull up a blank page and draw the future we wanted to see. That spirit of constant improvement—and boundless imagination—is at the core of who we are.

Move more, stop less.

Time is the most precious resource, and we don’t waste a minute. We’ve designed our network to facilitate direct connections and reduce needles and risky hand-offs. A smarter system is a faster system—and ours is built for speed.

Together, we win.

Our success—as a business and as individuals—is built on strong partnerships. Together we will go further than anyone can alone. We are dedicated to building a more cooperative world, because we know that even business is not a zero-sum game.

Nothing to hide.

Sustainable partnerships require trust to flourish. Transparency and humility are at the core of how we operate. We’re honest, upfront, and open.