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A single destination for your middle mile logistics.

CloudSort’s innovative platform not only lets you manage the middle mile, but empowers you to unlock its underlying potential. Our modular sortation and capacity solutions offer full transparency, control, and visibility.

For the first time, shippers, carriers and 3PLs can align their incentives, operations, and technology in an agile and adaptive way. CloudSort harnesses predictive technology to sort smarter, route better, and unlock competitive advantage across the most decisive link in the supply chain.

Our Solutions

CloudSort’s modular solutions offering can be configured to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of your business, and integrate with your existing systems and partners.
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Do you need package level sortation in locations where you do not have existing infrastructure? Say goodbye to the headaches associated with locating and onboarding dedicated capacity that functions as a seamless extension of your network. Point-of-origin sortation, middle mile transfer points and delivery station operations are all available to you. CloudSort is your low-cost infrastructure solution.

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Sortation Software

Intelligent sortation earlier in the delivery journey has a compounding effect on speed and accuracy later on. The CloudSort sortation solution sorts smarter, routes better, and uses an innovative containerization system to ensure shipments get where they’re meant to go, faster. Turn your existing infrastructure into a strategic business driver as a node in the CloudSort network.

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Discover CloudSort's groundbreaking reusable smart containers that are reshaping package transportation. Cut waste and costs with our durable, reusable metal-framed gaylord containers. Their dual-sided jacking design maximizes loading efficiency by allowing for 30 pallet positions in a 53' trailer insted of the standard 26. Monitor your assets in real-time with built-in tracking for ultimate security control.

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The CloudSort Difference



Instead of relying on the traditional hub-and-spoke model, CloudSort mounts clusters of smaller, nimbler, and highly connected sortation centers that are easier, cheaper, and much faster to build. This allows us to facilitate more direct shipments, produce significantly less waste, and place more deliveries closer to their destinations—sooner and more efficiently.

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CloudSort’s secret sauce is its dynamic sortation software, which harnesses AI and predictive technology for smarter sortation, and more efficient, sustainable and responsive routing. Our interoperable technology, designed for intuitive usability, integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack, whether you’re a shipper, carrier, or 3PL.



We offer multiple ways to engage with the CloudSort platform: from pure technology enablement to end-to-end outsourcing or our unique hosting opportunities that let our partners monetize their own sortation activities and assets. This modular approach empowers businesses to participate in the network at the rate that works for them, establishing the middle mile as a true business driver.

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