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Turn Extra Space into Revenue
Maximize your empty warehouse space, tap into an extensive logistics network, and generate new revenue with Cloudsort’s innovative warehouse solution. Determine how much revenue, using our calculator below.
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Unlocking Undiscovered Capacity

CloudSort partners with warehouses across the country to create a network of smaller-footprint distributed nodes.
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Maximizing Space

We route packages through your warehouse and help you take advantage of underutilized space.
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Driving Revenue Growth

Together, we generate additional revenue while improving your overall warehouse operations.


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Increase revenue
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Improved logistic network
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More distribution options
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Reduced costs
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Increase flexibility and scalability
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Warehouse Space Revenue Calculator

Select the amount of extra warehouse space you have and the hourly labor cost for warehouse employees. (If you are unsure about what labor cost to use, please use our estimated average cost of $22 per hour.)
Available Square Footage
Labor Hour Cost
Estimated Annual Warehouse Revenue
Projected Yearly Labor Spend:
Projected Yearly Revenue:
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From the beginning, our partnership with CloudSort has been terrific. From the back office to the front lines, we could not be more pleased with the results.
— Ohrohn Thomas, Vice President of Logistics, Maergo
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