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Meet the future of shipping containers

Introducing CloudSort's innovative containers, designed to revolutionize the way you transport packages. Reduce waste and cut down on consumable costs with our sturdy, reusable metal-framed gaylord containers featuring an innovative dual-sided jacking design, enabling you to load more efficiently. Stay in control of your security with real-time tracking for seamless asset monitoring.

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Reduce Costs

Cut down on consumable costs with our reusable, durable containers and transparent subscription model.
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Improve Load Factor

Improve your fill factor with our containers in a variety of ways, allowing you to get more out of your truckloads.
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Improve Tracking

With our containers’ real time asset tracking, you can always keep track of your shipment location.
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Not only do our containers cut down on waste, but they are 100% recyclable and made in ISO9001 certified factories.
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Improve airline cargo
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  • Save up to 70% on consumable costs
  • Optimized for airline cargo
  • Made from double-walled corrugated polypropylene
  • Option to buy container outright or subscribe weekly
Image of a CloudSort P80 collapsible container


Improve your gaylord
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  • Save up to 70% on consumable costs
  • Collapsible to save space
  • Made from a durable canvas and double-walled polypropylene
  • Easy subscription pricing to fit your needs
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