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Are you struggling to identify available package sortation capacity?
Accelerate your geographic coverage.
Say goodbye to headaches associated with locating and onboarding off-site package sortation capacity.
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Be Surprised by Available Capacity

CloudSort provides the visibility into where capacity exists and the confidence to know it can be onboarded quickly.

Capacity as an Extension of Your Current Operations

Plug into a system that puts you in control.  Real-time feedback allows you to take decisive action.

Reduce Costs and Improve Your Bottom Line

Onboard capacity in a low-cost way and size it based on business needs.


Visibility into available capacity, including options in second and third-tier cities
Onboard dedicated capacity at a rate that works for you
Real-time execution reporting puts you in control
Reduce cost and risk associated with geographic expansion
Stay ahead of the competition with the latest in logistics technology

Cloudsort's Extensive Network of Coverage

Our modular system can be activated at any location you choose. If you don't see your preferred location on the map, contact us, and we'll add support for your network. We prioritize providing reliable coverage and flexibility to meet your needs.

Ready to unlock your fleet’s potential?

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From the beginning, our partnership with CloudSort has been terrific. From the back office to the front lines, we could not be more pleased with the results.
— Ohrohn Thomas, Vice President of Logistics, Maergo

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