Manifest 2023: Press Release

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CloudSort Staff

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CloudSort Corporation Makes Its Official Mark at MANIFEST 2023

With a New Vision for the Middle Mile, Cloudsort’s Revolutionary Cloud-Based Sortation Software Platform is Transforming Legacy Logistics that have kept the Supply Chain at an Innovation Standstill

CloudSort’s philosophy of “Unbound Logistics” drives efficiency, flexibility and scalability through a system that works for everyone — shippers, carriers and consumers

The Future of Logistics Is Agile and Unbound

BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CloudSort Corporation, a leading logistics technology company redefining how packaged goods move through the supply chain, today announced it will mark its official launch at this year’s MANIFEST 2023 conference (booth 832) in Las Vegas from January 31-February 2. CloudSort’s proprietary software platform is transforming the middle mile – the infrastructure, technology and processes required to connect a package to a last mile delivery provider through a system that creates mutually-beneficial partnerships between the supply and demand sides of sortation and transportation – all while delivering value that enhances the end customer experience.

"What’s been lacking in our industry is a much-needed focus on the middle mile. Our platform eliminates rigid silos and competing priorities, creating solutions that benefit all the players. What motivated us to design our platform was that technology has not evolved quickly enough to meet industry needs, and the existing system pits carriers against shippers and is riddled with mismatched incentives. We believe logistics shouldn’t favor the few, which is why we invented a new model for the middle mile that drives efficiency, flexibility, and scalability through a trusted network that breaks the stalemate and delivers results for everyone." —Derek Szopa, CEO of CloudSort

(Read the full press release here.)