Raising the Bar on Supply Chain Visibility

Written By
Derek Szopa

At a time when you can track your pizza’s progress from the moment you order through its arrival at your front door, the logistics industry can feel like a quaint anachronism. As items leave warehouse shelves, they often wind through a circuitous route on their way to their final destination. As they arrive at various checkpoints along the way, their whereabouts are tagged and shared with the cloud and the customer. But at any given moment, it can be hard to know exactly where one package is on this journey. Where is it, between Warehouse A and Warehouse B? Which truck is it on? On which highway?


CloudSort’s innovative approach to middle mile transportation starts from the premise that more detailed information leads to better decisions. Smarter sorting leads to more efficient loading and routing. Increased tagging leads to greater transparency. And all of this leads to happier customers.

The feedback loop can really start to pay dividends when all that information is used to predict and plan for future activity, setting CloudSort customers up for even greater success. And it can start right on the loading dock, and cascade through every step of the journey. By defaulting to more information and greater visibility, the shipping and logistics industry can start to catch up with the folks who revolutionized pizza.