The Outsourced Supply Chain Tech Stack

Written By
Derek Szopa

Increasingly, retail businesses are building bespoke technology to tailor their logistics and transportation software suites to their company’s specific needs. This custom code can help with everything from rate shopping or carrier choice to inventory management across shifting distribution centers in brick and mortar retail.


As an industry, logistics is ripe for disruption through advances in cloud-based computing and the predictive power of machines. And made-to-order tools ensure an easy transition for all involved in onboarding new capabilities. But software development requires a material capital investment, as well as an experienced team to design, build, and manage it. Not every organization can accommodate that level of commitment. For them, an outsourced addition to their logistics technology stack may provide that vital level of intelligence, without the hefty price tag.

CloudSort integrates seamlessly to existing transportation and logistics software systems, working with pre-existing labels through an intuitive, user-friendly web app. From the loading dock to the final doorstep, CloudSort enables smarter sorting, routing, and real-time reporting, smoothing the way for more efficient and frictionless movement. And whether functioning purely as a software partner, or playing an operational role as well, CloudSort can work with the systems you already have in place, so there’s minimal disruption for your team and your partners.

Building a robust and effective shipping network is challenging enough. The potential to optimize and scale without significant investment in custom software development may just make it that much easier.